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10 Questions with Coach Alex

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Hi folks, welcome back to the newest installment of “10 Questions.” If you missed the last one you can find it here. This is a chance for me to get down sit down and have a conversation with an integral part of the Rob Labar system, and to find out what keeps them going. Alex is always around, good for a laugh, but most importantly is willing to drop everything to help. It’s obvious that he is more than passionate about the sport of CrossFit, this has become a lifestyle, one that means passing the message of health and fitness on to others. Here is what we chatted about….


1. Where are you and your family from? Did you grow up in SoFlo?

My mom is from Cuba, dad from New York.. I’m born and raised in south Florida.. One of the few :p

2. What is your athletic background?

Growing up I was always involved in youth sports, I took a liking to hockey and football specifically and got selected for a travel hockey team in middle school. I began to wrestle in high school and wrestled all the way through my senior year. Once wrestling was done it only made sense to start fighting.

3. Tell me about Muay Thai and Fairtex. What was is like to train in the jungle for a month?

Being able to train “full time” was a blessing. I was given the opportunity to meet, and train, with some of the most dedicated individuals anyone could imagine. The most beneficial thing about the whole experience was not necessarily the skills obtained but the determination and work ethic that was shown day in and day out by those around me.

4. Rick Ross or Lil Wayne?

Ricky Rossay! Contrary to what Rob might think.

5. Why are you always hoarding Reeses Cups and PBJ’s, is it a post workout thing?

It’s a post workout (and fat kid thing), I go along with some of the principles of “carbbackloading” it’s definatley not for everyone (so don’t eat a Reese’s a say I told you to) but I feel at my best with sugars directly post workout.

6. How did you end up as such an integral part of the Rob Labar Gym experience?

I came in to Crossfit Boynton Beach with no experience. Rob gave me a few hours to assistant coach after I had been a member for a few months. I quickly fell in love with human performance and learning how to make people move and be better. The rest is history

7. What is it like to incorporate OPT into your training and programming. What are you benefiting from having gone through the learning modules?

The OPT CCP is by far the most in depth and informative certification process I’ve ever been through. James Fitzgerald has an amazing grasp on the human body, and how to analyze people on an individual basis in order to correctly prescribe a training program. His understanding and thought process on energy system training and manipulation is second to none.

8. When does someone know they are ready to get into individualized programming?

When we first begin training the margin for adaptation (getting better) is very high. Almost any type of movement is going to cause a “green” fitness enthusiast to adapt and change for the better. As someone spends more time in training, adaptation slows down and the need for more individualized exercise prescriptions becomes evident. Prior to the start of an individualized program, the client goes through a series of movement screenings, as well as strength and energy system tests so that we have a good understanding as to what needs to be made a priority. (I.e. Upper body push/pull, lower body endurance, aerobic power, CP Battery….)

9. What is your favorite and least favorite movement?

Favorite is the snatch, least favorite is the Dead Lift (by far)

10. Who is your favorite CrossFit athlete and why?

Christmas Abbott… Because she… Has nice… teeth