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10 Questions with Ryan Sunshine

Ryan S at Squad

Ryan S at Squad

I have been thinking a lot about timing recently. I remember looking at kids in high school and thinking, “Man, they really have it made!” I always envied other people for being cool or good looking, or just having it together more that I did. So when I was interviewing Ryan, he mentioned that he didn’t really get it together until he was through the better part of high school, and I totally relate. I personally am just coming into my own, and it could not have come at a better time. I truly believe that it is not where you start that counts, but where you end up! Check out this interview with our own Ryan Sunshine, where we chat about, eating junk food and playing video games, pacing ourselves during competition, and why Josh Bridges is such an awesome guy.


1. Beatles or the Rolling Stones? Beatles

2. Rick Ross or Lil Wayne? lil wayne

3 How did you get into CrossFit? I started crossfit for off season wrestling conditioning. I quickly found that I enjoyed crossfit more than wrestling.

4. What is your athletic background? I always sucked at sports so I mostly just ate junk food and played video games until high school. Then I picked up cross country and wrestling my sophmore year of high school.

5. What is your go to breakfast? Lots of eggs and cereal.

6. Tell me about Invictus and how the programming has changed your performance? Invictus has helped me have a more well rounded program. Doing workouts and movements I don’t want to do on a regular basis makes me a better athlete. For instance I might get 30 minutes of airdyne intervals followed by very heavy backsquats. Neither is my favorite thing to do in the world, but when it’s programmed I have to do it.

7. What is your favorite Oly lift?   Clean and Jerk. Nothing like taking a very heavy barbell and taking it from the ground to overhead.

8. Name a CrossFit athlete that you really look up to and why? I really look up to josh bridges. The guy is just a total animal with metcons and is always working on his weaknesses to be the best athlete possible. I got some time to train with him when i visited Invictus and he was a an awesome humble guy.

9. You finished just two spots off of the podium at the South this year, how did that feel and what is the goal for next year? I couldn’t believe I did that well. I had a well rounded performance but I never dominated any workout. Next year instead of being in 10th place average for every wod I need to be around top 5 in most events.

10. Your coaching now, can you see your self doing it in the future? . I enjoy coaching and I could possibly see myself coaching and programming in the future. I’m getting my business degree right now in college but I don’t know what path I will pursue after college.