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2/20/14 – CrossFit Teens

Delray FGB Event
Warm Up:
350m row
2 Rounds (not for time)
1 rope climb (2 descends)
4 Pull Ups (use bands as necessary)
6 push ups
8 squats
skills: Kipping pull up progression
(no more than 10 minutes)
Man Makers (Push up, Row, Push up, Row,   Clean, Squat, thrust…that is 1 )
WOD: 12 min AMRAP (climb the ladder)
Man Makers 2,4,6,8,10…)
Wall Ball Shots (4,8,12,16,20…)
Don’t   go too heavy! Use a challenging weight but you should be able to do more
than 1 and drop to breathe.



Today’s WOD


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