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king kong front squat

king kong front squat


What: 6 Week Challenge to test strength gains on the primary lifts

When: Starts July 6th – August 17th

The Lifts: Back Squat, Clean, Jerk, Snatch & Bench Press

Why: Why not??? Get stronger! Improve lean muscle mass. Improve lift movement & Technique. Add some size to your frame.

What we provide: A comprehensive strength program 3 days each week. For these 3 days, you will be able to train on your own (during gym operating hours). You will also be encouraged to take 2 class WOD’s per week. (5-day training program). You will be put through an Initial Assessment so we can record your beginning numbers on your lifts. You will gain access to a private FaceBook page monitored by your coaches to receive feedback and be able to communicate with others in the Challenge. Nutritional / Supplement advice. A max out session at the end of the Challenge to test all those outrageous GAINS!! And finally, a Strength & Muscle Gain Challenge T-Shirt!!

Who is it for? Guys & Girls that are ready to take it to the next step. You will get better. This is over and above the regular class WOD’s. This is the next step. Be prepared to put on a couple pounds of lean muscle… comes with the territory. The questions is not whether you will get better at your lifts, but rather how much better you will get.

Cost: $99

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