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About Crossfit Boynton Beach


Rob is the co-owner of CrossFit Boynton Beach. Rob is a 8 year veteran in the sport of CrossFit and Olympic lifting. Prior to CrossFit, Rob spent his whole life in a traditional gym doing non-traditional, ‘CrossFit-like’ training. Once learning about CrossFit, the transition was natural and logical. A no brainier.

Rob is a 2 x CrossFit Games Masters athlete (2013 and 2016). Rob has an accounting degree from FAU, and a former CPA. Rob has a strong background in management and has the ability to create super teams in way of coaching staff. “It’s the coaching that makes the difference”. Rob’s goal is to create an overall experience that is unmatched anywhere else. We hope you agree.



About Crossfit Boynton Beach

Rob Labar – Co-Owner


Rob is Level 2 Crossfit certified, holds an Olympic Lifting certification under Coach Mike Burgener (Senior Int’l Weightlifting Coach for the US) and a Kettlebell certification through Agatsu under Shawn Mozen. Rob has also attended numerous other Weight-lifting seminars and clinics. He is a student of the game and is always continuing to improve both as a coach and an athlete. His formal education includes a Bachelor of Science in Business from FL Atlantic University. Rob practices what he preaches, having competed in CrossFit competitions over the past 8 years, starting with the 2009, and is a 2 x CrossFit Games Masters athlete (2013 & 2016) with a 10th and 11th place Worldwide finish.

Phone: 561-702-4844

Alex Ruggiere – Co-Owner

Head Coach

Alex is a co-owner of CrossFit Boynton Beach. His background includes 4 years of wrestling in high school where he qualified for state his junior and senior year. He then went to the next level by taking up MMA in 2008 where he held a record of 13-1.

In efforts to increase his strength and overall conditioning, Alex turned to CrossFit. Alex excelled instantly, and after 6 months became certified as a CrossFit instructor. His passion for the sport is evident each day as he strives to continue to be a better coach and athlete. He now holds his Level 2 CrossFit certification.

Alex has also attended the most comprehensive certifications through Optimum Perfomance Training (OPT) including Program Design and Assessment. He’s also attended various Olympic Lifting seminars including Glenn Pendlay (Senior Olympic Weight Lifting Coach) and Donny Shankle (Senior national champion, World Team member and Pan Am team member). As well as with Jesus Henares, Junior European National Championship, and with Jon North ‘Attidude Nation’.

Alex has competed at several local competitions and was a part of the CrossFit Boynton Beach Team for the 2013, 2015 & 2016 SE Regionals Games, and qualified for the 2015 PanAmerican Open in weightlifting

Alex is owner of Black Sheep Athletics and is currently programming for many CrossFit Boynton Beach members through our Individualized Design Program (ID)

Sarah Franklin


Sarah has a passion for people, fitness and health. Sarah’s athletic career began as a child and grew into her college years where she played 4 years of Volleyball at Covenant College. Sarah was an all-conference and all-region volleyball player, finishing 2nd in the Nation in kills! She also received a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education.

Sarah is a fierce athlete and competitor, and was part of the winning team at the 2009 CrossFit SE Regional Games in Jacksonville and competed on the CrossFit Boynton Beach Team at the 2013 SE Regional Games, and most recently competed as an individual in the 2014 SE Regional CrossFit Games

Sarah has worked in the health and wellness industry for the past 8 years and is now pursuing a career  as a firefighter/paramedic.

Sarah has been a CrossFit Certified Instructor since 2009.

Aline Labar


Aline’s passion for fitness began in middle school when she joined the track team. After high school, Aline maintained a fitness regimen of running and minimal weights. In 2008, Aline was introduced to CrossFit and found out what true fitness was all about.

Since becoming CrossFit Certified in 2009 and received her L2 certification in 2016. Aline entered the competition arena by competing in the 2010 CrossFit Games. Aline qualified at Sectionals by finishing top 15 in the State of FL. She then went on to compete at SE Regionals in Jacksonville. Although she did not place in the top 4 (in the Southeast 7 states) to qualify for advancement, she was fortunate to be able to compete with an affiliate team at the CrossFit Int’l Games in California. Aline also competed in the 2011 Open, placing 39th in the SE Region, which qualified her to compete at the Southeast Regionals in Jacksonville.

Aline has attended various weightlifting clinics including Danny Comargo & Glen Pendlay, as well as receiving her CrossFit Kids certification in 2012.  She didn’t waste any in launching our CrossFit Teens program at Boynton Beach.  It is a thriving program, Aline does the programming.

Aline is a Registered ER Nurse at JFK, a wife to Rob LaBar, and a proud mother to Kailie & Kaden.

Derek Bishop


Raised in Bradenton, FL coach Derek Bishop was quickly recognized for his athletic abilities at a fairly young age. He was a two time All-state football Player and a 4 year state qualifier for weightlifting at Bayshore High School. This lead to an athletic scholarship at 1- AA Liberty University where he played football as a fullback under Danny Rocco and trained alongside Master Strength Coach Bill Gillespie during the 2008-2009 season. Come 2010, Derek graduated with a Degree in Economics.

Derek started at Crossfit in May 2013, and is now the Crossfit Boynton Beach resident power house and currently boasts a 280# snatch, 345# clean & Jerk and a 465# back squat! He’s a tank and currently holds a Crossfit level 1 certification which he gained in November of 2013 and his passion for fitness is provided well throughout his training.

Allow Derek’s passion and success in fitness come to you as a huge benefit. His knowledge, high quality training and experience will provide exceptional benefits to you when trying to achieve overall health, fitness and happiness.

Tom Hemenway


Tom is a 12 year veteran with Deerfield Beach Fire Rescue and a Paramedic. Tom also serves as a Life Guard for the City of Delray Beach.

Tom has dominated in Sports his whole life. Tom attended Towson University where he obtained a Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education. While attending this Division 1 school, Tom made Conference Finals his junior and senior year in the 200m Individual Swim Medley and the 200m Backstroke. Tom became the captain of the swim team his senior year.

Tom also competed in Life Guard competitions around the country. Tom had (2) third place finishes in the ‘Landline’ and ‘Surf’ rescue events, and finished 9th in ‘Beach Flags’ at Lifeguard Nationals. This competition included United States and Australia.

After falling in love with CrossFit, Tom became CrossFit certified and attended an Olymplic Weightlifting seminar from Danny Camargo, President of Florida Weightlifting Federation. Tom would like to share his passion for sports, fitness & CrossFit with others.

Jaci Front Squat

Jaci Cale

Jaci has been an athlete pretty much her whole life. She started swimming competitively at the age of 9. She received a scholarship to BCC where she was MVP of the  college swim team. Jaci was also on the high school track and field team, where she made the All Star team in Buffalo New York where she is from, and qualified for States and Nationals.

She turned to Crossfit in 2012 and qualified for Regionals at the SE CrossFit Regional Games, as an individual in 2013, 2014 & 2015. She now coaches at CrossFit Boynton Beach and has been a Personal Trainer since 2010. She has a passion for working with people and helping them  achieve their fitness goals.


Mickey Blount

Bio Coming Soon


Nicole Moschetti

Nicole has been involved in sports since the age of 5, starting with tee ball. Through the years she also played volleyball and basketball, but the primary focus was on softball where she played 4 years of varsity in high school, earning her an athletic scholarship to Mississippi State University.

Growing up in sports, Nicole always knew she wanted to be a coach. She started crossFit in 2009, and like most of us life-long athletes, she fell in love with the sport and pursued  the wonderful world of coaching. Nicole became CrossFit certified in 2011 and has attended several Olympic Lifting seminars. Nicole remains competitive in the sport, competing in various local CrossFit competitions.

“It’s very rewarding to see when you help or are able to witness someone’s accomplishment weather it’s a first pull up or a ‘PR’ on a lift”


Sam Straub

Sam, avid team sportsman, played Premier level club soccer until he was 18. After the soccer career, Sam was introduced to CrossFit and the love affair began. In addition to coaching the adults, Sam is a great roll model and enjoys working with kids as well. Sam is not only Level 1 Certified to coach adults, but also holds his CrossFit Kids Certification. Sam holds a Masters in Exercise Science and Health Promotion from FAU, and is one of the smartest guys we know!