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10 Questions with Ryan Sunshine

Ryan S at Squad

Ryan S at Squad

I have been thinking a lot about timing recently. I remember looking at kids in high school and thinking, “Man, they really have it made!” I always envied other people for being cool or good looking, or just having it together more that I did. So when I was interviewing Ryan, he mentioned that he didn’t really get it together until he was through the better part of high school, and I totally relate. I personally am just coming into my own, and it could not have come at a better time. I truly believe that it is not where you start that counts, but where you end up! Check out this interview with our own Ryan Sunshine, where we chat about, eating junk food and playing video games, pacing ourselves during competition, and why Josh Bridges is such an awesome guy.


1. Beatles or the Rolling Stones? Beatles

2. Rick Ross or Lil Wayne? lil wayne

3 How did you get into CrossFit? I started crossfit for off season wrestling conditioning. I quickly found that I enjoyed crossfit more than wrestling.

4. What is your athletic background? I always sucked at sports so I mostly just ate junk food and played video games until high school. Then I picked up cross country and wrestling my sophmore year of high school.

5. What is your go to breakfast? Lots of eggs and cereal.

6. Tell me about Invictus and how the programming has changed your performance? Invictus has helped me have a more well rounded program. Doing workouts and movements I don’t want to do on a regular basis makes me a better athlete. For instance I might get 30 minutes of airdyne intervals followed by very heavy backsquats. Neither is my favorite thing to do in the world, but when it’s programmed I have to do it.

7. What is your favorite Oly lift?   Clean and Jerk. Nothing like taking a very heavy barbell and taking it from the ground to overhead.

8. Name a CrossFit athlete that you really look up to and why? I really look up to josh bridges. The guy is just a total animal with metcons and is always working on his weaknesses to be the best athlete possible. I got some time to train with him when i visited Invictus and he was a an awesome humble guy.

9. You finished just two spots off of the podium at the South this year, how did that feel and what is the goal for next year? I couldn’t believe I did that well. I had a well rounded performance but I never dominated any workout. Next year instead of being in 10th place average for every wod I need to be around top 5 in most events.

10. Your coaching now, can you see your self doing it in the future? . I enjoy coaching and I could possibly see myself coaching and programming in the future. I’m getting my business degree right now in college but I don’t know what path I will pursue after college.

10 Questions with Coach Alex

IMG_8162 copy

IMG_8162 copy

Hi folks, welcome back to the newest installment of “10 Questions.” If you missed the last one you can find it here. This is a chance for me to get down sit down and have a conversation with an integral part of the Rob Labar system, and to find out what keeps them going. Alex is always around, good for a laugh, but most importantly is willing to drop everything to help. It’s obvious that he is more than passionate about the sport of CrossFit, this has become a lifestyle, one that means passing the message of health and fitness on to others. Here is what we chatted about….


1. Where are you and your family from? Did you grow up in SoFlo?

My mom is from Cuba, dad from New York.. I’m born and raised in south Florida.. One of the few :p

2. What is your athletic background?

Growing up I was always involved in youth sports, I took a liking to hockey and football specifically and got selected for a travel hockey team in middle school. I began to wrestle in high school and wrestled all the way through my senior year. Once wrestling was done it only made sense to start fighting.

3. Tell me about Muay Thai and Fairtex. What was is like to train in the jungle for a month?

Being able to train “full time” was a blessing. I was given the opportunity to meet, and train, with some of the most dedicated individuals anyone could imagine. The most beneficial thing about the whole experience was not necessarily the skills obtained but the determination and work ethic that was shown day in and day out by those around me.

4. Rick Ross or Lil Wayne?

Ricky Rossay! Contrary to what Rob might think.

5. Why are you always hoarding Reeses Cups and PBJ’s, is it a post workout thing?

It’s a post workout (and fat kid thing), I go along with some of the principles of “carbbackloading” it’s definatley not for everyone (so don’t eat a Reese’s a say I told you to) but I feel at my best with sugars directly post workout.

6. How did you end up as such an integral part of the Rob Labar Gym experience?

I came in to Crossfit Boynton Beach with no experience. Rob gave me a few hours to assistant coach after I had been a member for a few months. I quickly fell in love with human performance and learning how to make people move and be better. The rest is history

7. What is it like to incorporate OPT into your training and programming. What are you benefiting from having gone through the learning modules?

The OPT CCP is by far the most in depth and informative certification process I’ve ever been through. James Fitzgerald has an amazing grasp on the human body, and how to analyze people on an individual basis in order to correctly prescribe a training program. His understanding and thought process on energy system training and manipulation is second to none.

8. When does someone know they are ready to get into individualized programming?

When we first begin training the margin for adaptation (getting better) is very high. Almost any type of movement is going to cause a “green” fitness enthusiast to adapt and change for the better. As someone spends more time in training, adaptation slows down and the need for more individualized exercise prescriptions becomes evident. Prior to the start of an individualized program, the client goes through a series of movement screenings, as well as strength and energy system tests so that we have a good understanding as to what needs to be made a priority. (I.e. Upper body push/pull, lower body endurance, aerobic power, CP Battery….)

9. What is your favorite and least favorite movement?

Favorite is the snatch, least favorite is the Dead Lift (by far)

10. Who is your favorite CrossFit athlete and why?

Christmas Abbott… Because she… Has nice… teeth

Member Spotlight with Jake Gelberg

Jake G After

Jake G AfterJake G Before

Before and After pictures of Jake Gelberg (After & Before) 


JAKE GELBERG, age 17, Senior at Olympic Heights HS,  son of Noelle and Mike Gelberg (aka Mike G!! aka King of the Shoulder Press).

Before we go on about Jake, we don’t want to minimize the importance of his parents, who have been with CFBB since the beginning and are among the true roots of the box. We love them. Back to Jake….

Jake came to CFBB 2.5 years ago after some influence from Mom and Dad. Jake was not really into sports and slightly over weight. Since starting CF, life for Jake has changed for the better. We decided to chose Jake as our current member spotlight because ‘We’ (coaches at CFBB) have noticed such a difference in Jake over the past couple years, we felt it was worth showcasing.

“CrossFit has made me a much more mature person. I have learned so much from all the wonderful coaches in CFBB. CrossFit has made me stronger, faster, and made me more confident in school and in the gym.”

Jake has recently competed in Beast Mode 2013 Mens scaled division as well as Wodapalooza 2014 Teens division. Jake also just completed the 5 week Open 2014.

Jakes favorite lift: ‘Front Squat’ with a current PR of 330#!!!! wtf??

Jakes favorite WOD: Grace (30 C&J For Time): Been a while so we’ll leave it unknown

C&J max lift: 200# (clean is 245)

Snatch max lift: 145#

Back Squat max lift: 305# (was 130# when he started CrossFit)

In addition to CrossFit, Jake currently enjoys playing paintball on weekends.

“Starting CF is probably one of the most defining moments in my life so far  and I hope to continue doing until my body can’t take it anymore.”

We are proud of you Jake…keep up the good work!



“10 Questions” with Emily Kujala Smartt



Hi folks, my name is Carmine Sarazen. I am a photographer based in town. I am also a member at CrossFit Boynton Beach. In the past 9 months I have had the privilege of making images around the box. Rob and Aline have trusted me enough to give me the freedom to shoot just about anything I want, when I want. The community here is just about the best I’ve seen. I just wanted to take a quick moment to say hi, and let you in on another one of my pastimes, which is writing, I really only learned to write in the past 2 years, so bare with me. I was thinking about what I wanted to feature on the new and improved blog, and the first thing that came to mind was a way to get the members connected to other members. Some athletes train at the same time every week and never get a chance to cross paths and meet new people. I am inspired by many members, and Emily is no exception. The reality of this growing sport is that 99% of us workout for fun and well being. Very few are here to compete. I spent the afternoon with Emily and she has found a way to straddle the numbers. We are seeing her compete in regional competitions, improve her personal health, and lead by example. We had a few moments to chat, and here is her outlook on life, family, and CrossFit.

What is your athletic back ground like, did you play sports in high school?

Growing up I was a figure skater. Then in my teens I started speed skating (on inlines).  Speed skating helped instill self discipline and taught me to push through pain.


Are you a native Floridian?

Yes sir, I was born and  raised in South  Florida…

Tell me a little bit about your family, kids, parents, etc…

I’m married to Nate (the Great) he is super with me and amazing with our two lovely, beastly kids. Zadok-4 and Nakota-2. They are sweet and spicy all the way through! I’m so thankful for N8, Z, & K they make my life so rich in so many ways. Also big props to myparents, sisters, and brother who always help out with our babes so I can CrossFit!




What’s up with Island Living?  Before Nate and I had kids we lived down in the USVI on St. John for 3 years. It was such a great experience for us. It taught me that I can survive without all the things (material) I thought I needed to be happy. We lived in an Eddie Bauer tent for 6 months on the side of a hill, while helping our good friends build a cottage. We lived without electric,  water or a bathroom. It was awesome! We would retreat to Alaska for the summer, it was the one of the most important experiences of our lives.


How and when did you start CrossFitting?

I actually started CrossFit when I was 6 months pregnant with Nakota. I couldn’t stand going to the gym (it was so boring for me, and I was going crazy. so I decided to CrossFit. I walked right in and met Rob. He was very cordial. I posed the question, ” Will you take a 6 month old pregnant lady?” He replied “Sure.” I started right away.  Unfortunately I had to stop after I had Nakota, so I experienced a good 3 months of  modified workouts.  A year and a half passed before I could make it back to try and train unmodified. I started back January 15, 2013 and  I’m so happy and blessed CrossFit is back in my life!

What is your favorite healthy and unhealthy snack?

My favorite healthy snack is a huge bowl of salad greens, lots of crunchy veggies, a grilled piece of salmon topped with balsamic vinaigrette! My favorite junk food are  Hoffman’s chocolate covered pretzels!!

What are your favorite and least favorite WOD’s?  

My favorite WOD’s are long and challenging. I have never done a WOD that I didn’t like. I don’t think I ever will (being the CrossFit nerd I am.) Well the worst WOD would be one I quit on (which I hope I never ever do!)

You have recently started competing in regional competitions, what’s that like?

I have done 3 local scaled comps. I enjoyed all of them. I tell myself it’s just going to be another great workout day, so that helps me stay motivated.

How has your life changed since you started CrossFit?

CrossFit has totally changed my life. It has taught me that it’s perfectly fine to do something for myself and still be an outstanding mother and wife. I’m a better balanced person when I train daily. I remember telling Nate ” Babe ,I can either unleash at home or unleash at the box.” He was sold instantly.

 What do you love about CFBB and why?

I love everything about CrossFit Boynton Beach. Rob and Aline are always helpful and encouraging. All of the coaches  me push us to new heights. The atmosphere is welcoming and friendly. I learn a lot from the other athletes.