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WOD & BBQ – Saturday – 06/07/14

Tommy & Lisa Pool side

Tommy & Lisa Pool side

WOD: Coaches Choice!!!????!!!!!

BBQ: 12-4

  • Eat burgers
  • Have a cool refreshing drink
  • Socialize with your CF chums

***REMINDER: The weightlifting class has been moved to Sunday at 10AM. No 11am Class today.

See you tomorrow at 9am for Gymnastics

Paleo Bash & BBQ! Saturday June 7th at Noon!

BBQ Grill image

BBQ Grill image

The Paleo Challenge is over and it’s time to celebrate with a BBQ at the Boynton Box at noon this Saturday.

All members from all 3 boxes and their guest are encouraged to attend, not just those that participated in the challenge.

You are encouraged to bring a dish if you wish. If you have a specific drink that you fancy, please feel free to bring that as well.

We will have a BBQ grill and will provide the meat and some basic sides. We will also have a Bounce House for the kiddies, so feel free to bring them as well. The party is scheduled from 12-4

CrossFit Teens 4.17.14

cf kids pic

cf kids pic

Warm Up:
400m Run
20 Jumping Jacks
300m Run
20 KBS (light, russian swing)
200m Run
20 Air Squats
100m Run
20 Mountain Climbers
Double Under Practice
Front   Rolls, Cart Wheels,
Burpee Broad Jumps, HS Holds
Review Hang Power Snatch
A) 8 min AMRAP
10 Hang Power Snatch (75/53)
20 Double Unders
Rest 5 Minutes
B) 100m WBS for time (20/14)
*Penalty   3 burpees every drop,
must drop at least 4 times

2014 Battle of The Boxes Paleo Challenge April 28th – May 25th

MVT_Event Flyer

MVT_Event Flyer

Here’s the scoop!

The Challenge itself runs from April 28 – May 25th. You will have 4 weeks to shock your metabolic system into high gear. All 3 of our Boxes will be participating for the chance to be dubbed the “Fittest Box” in the company. The winning box will host the post-challenge Paleo Potluck BBQ on Saturday May 31st!

What To Expect: On Sunday, April 27th at CrossFit Boynton Beach, we will have members from ALL BOXES coming to weigh in and listen to the Nutrition Seminar. We will have input from several experienced coaches in nutrition counseling to educate you on what goes on in your body when you fuel it, and the consequences of our western diet. Details on how to scientifically kick your metabolism into high gear with proven practices that have worked on each of us. We are going to squeeze years of info into an informative lecture, setting you up for maximum results. We are anticipating the nutrition seminar to last anywhere between 1-2 hours.

At the end of the Seminar we will go over the parameters <aka RULES> of the Challenge. You will receive handouts of the scorecards, suggested shopping lists for all 4 weeks, links for recipes, and great websites you can use for references in your journey.

The WEIGH IN: Weigh in times will start at 9am. When you sign up for the challenge, pick a time you want to come in for the weigh in (sign up sheets have times on them at the front desk of each box). The Biostation will be on hand with their special machine that will give each of you a detailed breakdown of your segmental body fat, lean muscle mass and water weight of your pre-challenge body. At the end of the challenge we will have a final weigh in, which will include a post challenge analysis for specific results!



There is a Sign up sheet at the front desk of each box. You can sign up there and select your time for the weigh in, or LOGIN TO ZENPLANNER go to the Events tab and sign up for the Paleo Challenge 2014 Weigh In (scheduled for April 27th starting at 9am)  Cost is only $45!

What If Sunday the 27th is not an option?: There will be another date for each gym setup for a makeup weigh in. You can still sign up, get an informational nutrition and rules packet and start on the 28th.

Who Should Participate?: EVERYONE! Whether your goal is to be a little faster and stronger, shed a few pounds, or just learn how to fuel your body better, you don’t want to miss this. It is a great way to bond as a community and encourage each other and have the support you need to achieve your goals!

Specific questions should be forwarded to Aline at or (561) 312-3951


Paleo Challenge starts January 2nd!


Paleo Challenge is just around the corner.  More details coming soon.