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CrossFit Teens 4.22.14

butterfly pullups

butterfly pullupsOk, so we’re gunna change things up a little bit. The basic format for your warmup this week will be as follows:

Warm Up   for the week:
400m run/row, then roll out   on ball or stretch with bands
8 Jumping Jacks
8 criss-cross jumping jacks   (cross hands and feet in front, then extend out)
16 Steps of mountain climbers   (foot to hand),
be deliberate about this, use   the time to stretch
dowel bar shoulder   dislocates, torso twists
50m high knees
50m side to side shuffle   (face the same direction up and back)
50m butt kicks
50m high double knee jump   (not trying to broad jump, knees high to chest)



A) Back Squats:
Take no more than 15 mins to build to   heavy set of 3
suggested rep count: 10-8-6-4-3-3-3
3 RFT:
(15min Timecap)
30 WBS (20/14)
15 Pull Ups
400m run