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CrossFit Teens 4/10/14

CrossFit Teens 4/10/14


row / run
50m high knees
Jumping Jacks
50m butt kicks
mountain climbers
50m side to side shuffle
100m run
A) 3 minute AMRAP:
max rep Hang Cleans (75/53)
rest 3 mins
B) 3 min AMRAP:
max rep Air Squats
rest 3 mins
C) 3 min AMRAP:
max rep Abmat Sit ups
rest 3 mins
D) 3 min AMRAP:
max rep burpees
E) 400m Run For Time



Today’s WOD

  • WOD – Tuesday – 08/30/16
    August 29, 2016 by
    A. Snatch practice. (Snatch from power position + snatch from floor) Build to Moderately heavy complex. -OR- Techinical Development: Do 1 set at light weight EMOM for 12 mins. B)...
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