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CrossFit Teens 5/13/14

Derek MU Regional 2014
Derek MU Regional 2014

Warm it   up!

400m partner medball toss
20 mountain climbers
10 alternating lunges
5 Jumping jacks
5 Y-Jacks
5 X- Jacks
Inch Worm across lifting side   of gym
High knees across lifting side of gym
side shuffle across lifting   side of gym
burpee broad jump across   lifting side of gym
Skill review:   Hand stands, wall climbs, wall sits,
forward rolls, super mans, hollow rocks,   HS walk attempts
skin   the cat for each person to get 2 chances to do 3-5 reps. Focus on form,
try not to rush it. Control the movement   forward and backward.
Review: DL
A) For Time:
KBS (24/16) (16kg/25lb)
Tire Jumps
At exactly 10 minutes:
B) For Time:
Deadlift (135/95)
Double Under  (scale 2:1 singles)
At exactly 17 minutes
C) For Time:
25 HR Push Ups