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CrossFit Teens – 5/28


This is the last week for CrossFit Teens at the Boynton Beach location…at least for this summer. We know many of you will be in camp or traveling and the 5pm slot may not be a good time for you anymore, as you may already be in sports camp all day!

We wish all of you a great summer, and will be in touch when we re-start the program in the fall, at our Delray Beach location.

For Today…

Warm Up:
400m Row
dynamic stretch
2 rounds:
10 squats (slow and deliberate)
10 mountain climbers
200m run
mat work.   Fwd rolls,
cartwheels, burpee broad jumps
handstand holds, wall sits
cage crawl,   monkey hangs (alternate hangs total 10
times, 5 each arm)
A)   Double under practice
30   secs on/30 secs rest for
3 mins
B) 5 RFT:
15 Double unders / 30 singles
15 Tuck Jump Burpees
100m Run