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Member Spotlight with Jake Gelberg

Jake G After

Jake G AfterJake G Before

Before and After pictures of Jake Gelberg (After & Before) 


JAKE GELBERG, age 17, Senior at Olympic Heights HS,  son of Noelle and Mike Gelberg (aka Mike G!! aka King of the Shoulder Press).

Before we go on about Jake, we don’t want to minimize the importance of his parents, who have been with CFBB since the beginning and are among the true roots of the box. We love them. Back to Jake….

Jake came to CFBB 2.5 years ago after some influence from Mom and Dad. Jake was not really into sports and slightly over weight. Since starting CF, life for Jake has changed for the better. We decided to chose Jake as our current member spotlight because ‘We’ (coaches at CFBB) have noticed such a difference in Jake over the past couple years, we felt it was worth showcasing.

“CrossFit has made me a much more mature person. I have learned so much from all the wonderful coaches in CFBB. CrossFit has made me stronger, faster, and made me more confident in school and in the gym.”

Jake has recently competed in Beast Mode 2013 Mens scaled division as well as Wodapalooza 2014 Teens division. Jake also just completed the 5 week Open 2014.

Jakes favorite lift: ‘Front Squat’ with a current PR of 330#!!!! wtf??

Jakes favorite WOD: Grace (30 C&J For Time): Been a while so we’ll leave it unknown

C&J max lift: 200# (clean is 245)

Snatch max lift: 145#

Back Squat max lift: 305# (was 130# when he started CrossFit)

In addition to CrossFit, Jake currently enjoys playing paintball on weekends.

“Starting CF is probably one of the most defining moments in my life so far  and I hope to continue doing until my body can’t take it anymore.”

We are proud of you Jake…keep up the good work!