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WOD – Monday – 07/28/14

Froning1 2014 Games

Froning1 2014 Games

Rich Froning clinches the title of The Fittest Man on Earth for the 4th straight year in a row. A true champ. Well deserved.


A) EOMOM 16: (Every Other Minute On the Minute…..8 sets total)
Adv: 1 Squat Clean starting at 75% and build. Finish near 100%
Beg-Int: 3-4 Squat Cleans at Light – Moderate weight. Adjust as needed


B) 4 RFT:
8 Squat Cleans 135/95*
8 Burpee Over Bar
200m Run
* weight should not exceed 60% of 1RM