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WOD – Thursday – 04/10/14

WOD – Thursday – 04/10/14



Endurance Day Thursday!


A) 1 Mile Run for time


Rest 6 minutes


B) 1,600m row for time


Rest 8 minutes


C) 1 Mile Run for time


* The rest will be self timed and independent to each. You will score A, B & C separately. These must be done in order, so we will stagger the start times as needed to accommodate rowers.

** For some of you, you are thrilled to see this. For others….not so much. If you are among the ‘others’, resist the urge to cherry pick. This is an important part of fitness that shouldn’t be ignored. This is why you pay someone else to write your workouts for you. You probably wouldn’t wake up and do this on your own. Trust the programming and get your butts in to the gym and do this. Plan on an ass kicker on Friday.










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