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WOD – Thursday – 05/08/14

2013 SE Regional CFBB Team

2013 SE Regional CFBB Team

A little recap of last years Regional team!! (Corey still refuses to wear lifting shoes, but he smiles more now)


A) Teams of 2: 2 rounds, Not for time:
 – 8 tire flips
 – 20 Medball toss situps (anchor feet together)
 – 200m Sandbag carry (handoff sandbag between partners as needed)
B) AMRAP 18:
10 Toes to bar
8 burpees
4 Man Makers 40/25
1 Rope climb* (scale to 2 descending/ascending planks)
100m run
* Rope climb can take place any time during round to avoid bottle neck 

*****Reminder, no Teens class today at 5pm