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WOD – Tuesday – 04/29/14

Julie Fouchet O Course

Julie Fouchet O Course

A) Snatch complex. Take 12 minutes to build slowly in the following complex:
 – 2 second pause at the knee, 2 second pause at the hip (snatch)
 *Start light and build to a heavy single. Do not post load, but record your own notes.
     Seek perfection in the movement. The intent is to establish a perfect bar path
     and perfect positioning.
B) AMRAP 11:
 – 10 Power snatch 75/55
 – 20 Double Unders (scale to 20 lateral bar hops…2 feet take off and land)
*perform a 400m run when the clock hits 5 minutes. Pick up where you left off.
** Use a scoring system to keep track of your rounds