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WOD – Wednesday – 02/19/14



Enjoy the video. Notice his position as the bar gets to the knee. Where are his shoulders in relation

the bar? Are knees forward? Hips back? Where does the bar make contact with his body?


A) 12 Minutes to Find 1RM Pause Snatch – (2 second pause at the knee)
You will most likely snatch less with a pause. The idea is to get you into perfect position.
   focus on driving your knees back as you pull off the ground. Try to get your shins vertical.
   Driving your knees out will help to get them back. Hamstring tension is key in this position.
B) ’10-1 Descending: Pullups *
     1-10 Ascending:   Burpee Box Jumps 24/20
*RX+ do Chest-To-Bar pullups